Third year University Degree Final Major Project. The aim of my Final Major Project was to raise awareness and inform of, the dangers posed by plastic on our marine wildlife. Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea and as an extremely durable material, it breaks up but never goes away - because of this animals are ingesting it, becoming entangled in it and in some cases, ultimately dying as a result.
Part 2 of the project included a interactive wall display, using the Augmented Reality (AR) smart phone App Aurasma to visually explain the issues that marine animals encounter with plastic. The use of cardboard boxes took into account sustainability, while the implementation of AR explored an unusual way to engage with a traditional medium. 
The mural for the cardboard boxes was created in illustrator, while animations for use with Aurasma were created in After Effects.

+     AURASMA DEMO     +
This shows it working in Aurasma. The animation is being triggered by the image on the imac screen.
+     ANIMATIONS     +
These short animations were created to get information across in a quick and simple way in what would be a busy public setting.
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