+     freelance creative graphic designer and illustrator based in Frimley Green, Surrey
'I was first introduced to Photoshop in 2005, and there began the road to now...'
My interest in design started before then. My fascination began with the 12cm x 12cm square of the CD album cover. My obsession with fonts, love of logos, awareness of different styles... Yep; all stemmed from there!
I immersed myself in learning Photoshop and a little bit of Illustrator for 8/9 years and in that time I designed promotional material for a local musician. I even designed his Cd cover - glad I got that ambition in before they disappear completely! It was also during this time that I fell into designing websites; it sparked an interest in that area and they now are one of my favourite things to work on.
I decided to go to university (University Centre Farnborough) in 2014, graduating with a BA in Graphic Design awarded by The University of Surrey in 2017. It broadened my work in so many ways, leaving me with a portfolio I'm incredibly proud of. My recent work has become more illustrative, encompassing my first love (drawing was on my radar before design and computers). I love fusing hand drawn with digital - it really is the best of both worlds!
I'm now working as a freelance graphic designer and enjoying the variety that brings.

+     FACTS     +
These days my most used application is probably Illustrator.
After Effects is my new favourite application! Experimenting with motion has been a lot of fun, particularly kinetic typography - music and design together... what more could I ask for!
When I'm not designing; you'll probably find me singing. (You may find me doing both, if I don't see you sneak up on me!)
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